Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Howdy Ya'll

This is my first day on this site and I have to tell you that I witnessed some very interesting things today. My head barista had a gentelman (if you wish to call him that) that asked for a cup of decaf. Well just to let you all know that we don't brew decaf until the first person asks for it because we want it to be fresh and not sit there forever. Anyhoo, this guy is told that it will take approximately 3 minutes for us to brew a fresh pot and this idiot goes into a rage...ahhhh....he proceeds to tell Courtney that she should be embarassed that she doesn't have coffee made when the customer comes in and that he will buy the bagel (that he had already mostly eaten) but that he was "going to our competition to get coffee and let them know what kind of establishment you are running." I was livid because we try to serve the freshest coffee possible and I tried to explain that to him but he just kept yelling so guess what I did.....I grabbed $2 out of my cash drawer and told him that I would be happy to buy him a cup of decaf coffee at my competition because that would just make him appreciate my coffee even more. HAHAHAHA! I thought that was pretty funny and so did my 3 regular customers that were sitting in there listening to the whole ordeal. I just wish people wouldn't take their frustrations out on other people but then what kind of world would this be if that were true :)

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